We Have fun

one of our values here at Balancing Bookkeeper Canberra is “We have fun”.

Even though numbers is serious business we enjoy laughing and not taking ourselves too seriously.

Oh my goodness laughing is the best medicine and there is not a day where one or all of the team don’t have a chortle while working. Most of the time it is from me laughing at myself.

We use Zoom to keep our team connected while working from different locations and the random and hilarious conversations as well as visuals are very entertaining. We even have a game where we try and scare the others if we have had to leave the chat for a time. There is nothing quite like seeing someone jump out of their skin even if you say something like “I am back.”

We don’t like to contain the humour, sarcasm and wit just within the team we like to share that with all those we interact with.

I realised that we don’t take our selves seriously when I looked at the process of what I say when answering the phone when I know it’s a current client. It goes something like this. “Hi Dennis it’s Amanda what’s been happening?” This is just a laid back question and the answers to this question can vary and can be quite unexpected.

Side note I actually feel quite confronted when I am asked this question so if you want to have fun and mess with my head feel free to do this!!

We try and make things less boring and more fun in how we interact with you. If we have made you smile, laugh or feel less burdened then we are doing our jobs correctly.

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