We balance

One of our values here at Balancing Bookkeeper Canberra is “We balance”.

We aim to provide a flexible and supportive environment that enables all staff members to balance work and life. 

So to us at Balancing Bookkeeper Canberra we love the work we do but we realise that it is not our whole life.

Each of the team has other responsibilities, commitments or challenges which means that they may work only certain days, have to juggle family or juggle working according to when they have the best energy and focus.

We like to practice what we preach and every time we say our business name we are reminded that we are people first and that if we don’t put our health and our needs first we are no good to be able to assist you.

This just means that we are in a much better capacity to be able to assist you and also helps us to be able to encourage you to not to burn out with your business or organisation.

As a team we have had to juggle some major stuff while working and it can be a struggle at the time but also makes us understand and help our clients to balance their work and life commitments.

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