About Us

BBKC is a small and passionate team who work together to give the very best service to our clients.

Our Story

At Balancing Bookkeeper Canberra (BBKC) we are bookkeepers and BAS agents who can handle the compliance of your business in regards to your bookkeeping. “Oh my goodness how boring” I can hear you say. But did you know that we are so much more than that? We are passionate about the success of your business, organisation or not-for-profit and working with you and having that strong relationship so that it is enjoyable and stress free for you.

Building trust is so important to us as we understand and realise that it is a privilege to be in a position of finance in a business or organisation. So how can you trust us? We have been in business since 2008 and Amanda Knight, the founder, is a registered BAS Agent. To be a BAS Agent you must have the proper qualifications, be registered with the Tax Practioners Board, adhere to a code of conduct and always be continuing professional education. Learning and knowing the changing legislation is so important in providing an efficient and effective service to all of our clients.

Since 2008 we have also had much personal and business growth in that time. Have we got all the answers, have we got it all together, do we struggle with the same things your business does? Heck yes to all of the above! We want to always be relatable and real in every interaction we have.

Amanda Knight is the founder of the business and her love for finances has always been in her blood with her mother’s first job being in accounts payable and her father worked in the bank. Then the love of being in business was also ignited as she helped in her family’s cafe. She then became qualified as a BAS agent by studying. Then over the years we have supported many different types of industries: hospitality, finance, not-for-profit organisations, trade and construction, consulting, dog washing, health and co-working spaces.

For us its not just about making sure that you are compliant with the finances of your business but we love walking alongside you in your business journey and making your life easier but also believing in what you and your business is about. We are all about providing a service that is specific to your organisation or business needs and providing this in a timeframe that suits you.

Our Values

Everything we do at Balancing Bookkeeper Canberra is underpinned by our values.

We balance

We aim to provide a flexible and supportive environment that enables all staff members to balance work and life.

We are honest

We aim to create a workplace that encourages and inspires everyone we come in contact with to be themselves. 

We are passionate 

We are energetic and unashamedly love what we do.

We are switched on

Being switched on to us at BBKC means that we are not afraid of change or evolving the way we do things.

We care about people

We are focused on numbers, but also on helping people.

We have fun

Even though numbers is serious business we enjoy laughing and not taking ourselves too seriously.

Our team

Amanda Knight

Amanda Knight

people relations, founder and all round nice chick

I am a big believer in the importance of communication and relationship for both parties and always working on how to make this better. I consider myself an introvert however give me something I am passionate about and you will not be able to shut me up. Compliance is fun but standing alongside business owners, employees, board members, CEO’s and general managers to be able to make their lives easier that’s what I love to do. Dark chocolate, books, red wine, horror movies and hanging out with my friends and family are what I like to do in my time when I am not at work.

Debbie Woodyard

head bookkeeping assistant and mum to all on the team

I love the nitty gritty details and I thrive on solving problems that require me to dig deep into client’s accounts. My favourite of all times has to be hospitality clients with many, many invoices and reconciling them against the supplier statement. I am the mum to Amanda but I am also the mum to all on the team and love providing my motherly wisdom at any chance I get. I reside in the beautiful country town of rural Victoria, Benallaand when I am not at working I love being a pillionof my husbands motorbike.

Jenna Gray

Jenna Gray

scanner, hand holder and junior bookkeeper

I love the look of a stack of paper that requires scanning. One of my favourite activities of my week is driving around to visit our clients to collect invoices and receipts and gleefully saying “Bring on the paperwork!”. When another member of the team needs a hand with a task I am there offering an external brain and another set of hands and eyes. I am a massive nerd and when not at work I am dreaming about my next visit to Bunnings and what pots and plants I am going to purchase next.

Kelly Wood

Kelly Wood

strategist and non keeper of the rules

So I am such a rule breaker that I was so busy ensuring the website was all up and running that I have not had a chance to write my own bio. My boss has kindly put this here but watch this space to see what I will say about myself!