BBKC is a small and passionate team who work together to give the very best service to our clients.

Not-for-profit clients

The bookkeeping services we provide really does depend on the needs of your organisation and we are conscious to provide a service and deliver this when you need us. We have clients where we work on their accounts daily, others weekly, more than once a week, fortnightly, monthly, quarterly or on an adhoc basis. 
Account Reconciliation
We understand the importance of ensuring that documentation is transparent for the organisation, finance, board members and also the auditor if your accounts require to be audited each year. So we will hassle you if you are missing any invoices or documentations as this will save so much time in the long term. We also ensure that the invoices and receipts are stored in Xero so that there is great visibility as to what each transaction is for. 
Board Reporting & Budgets
Is reporting tearing your hair out? Well, we can provide customised reporting based on your business or organisation requirements. We understand the importance of accurate and timely reporting so we drive that process for you to ensure we have all of the information we need to run these for you.
Do you struggle with setting up a budget and keeping yourself accountable? We work with clients who are accountable to boards and therefore budgeting is paramount to the work we do. We can provide commentary on the variances of budgets vs actuals and others things to consider when looking at the accounts. We like to make this easy to understand so that its not just numbers but you can understand what it means to your business or organisation. 
Finance Management–Accountability
We also understand that being a general manager, CEO or founder can be a bit overwhelming so we are big on offering support and accountability especially when it comes to your budget or anything to do with the finances of your business. We have one client that we chat to once a month and she uses this opportunity to let me know how her business is going, what she has been struggling with, how she has managed to juggle family and work life and also the areas of her finances she can be working on for the following month or what worked well. Supporting you in the finances in your business in a way that is going to make your life easier to ensure that you are compliant and for us to do this in a timely and efficient way is the aim of our game.

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