GST Registered

BBKC is a small and passionate team who work together to give the very best service to our clients.

Are you running a GST registered business?

The bookkeeping services we provide really does depend on the needs of your business and we are conscious to provide a service and deliver this when you need us.We have clients where we work on their accounts daily, others weekly, more than once a week, fortnightly, monthly, quarterly or on an adhoc basis. 

Instalment and Business Activity Statements (IAS & BAS)

We are a registered BAS agent we can then lodge all of your compliance information with the ATO including Instalment Activity Statements (IAS), Business Activity Statements (BAS) and Tax Payments Annual Reporting (TPAR). Good news is that if you use us to lodge your business activity statements you will get an extension of 4 weeks to pay and lodge your activity statements with the ATO. But that doesn’t mean we are going to leave it to the last minute for us ensuring that you know where your finances are our number 1 priority and lodging on time with the ATO is important to us for the success of your business. 


You have employees, no worries at all, we can help by managing your payroll on your behalf. The only thing we ask is for you to provide the awards that you are under then we can handle the rest. We can setup a payroll system, time sheets, approval system, we can then process and even pay the wages for you (from your bank account) send payslips, lodge Single Touch Payroll (STP) and prepare superannuation and process this for payment as well. 

Bills & Paperwork

You pay bills and generate lots of paperwork that is stressing you out? We can provide a service where we come out to your workplace (if you are in Canberra or the surrounding area) and we can then scan these for you and electronically store these in your Xero file and our servers. We can then be added as an authorised person on your bank account and be responsible for uploading and paying your bills (from your bank account).

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