We Care About People

So one of our values here at Balancing Bookkeeper Canberra is “We care about people”.

“We are focused on numbers, but also on helping people.” 

A big part of why we are in business and helping people with their finances is the relationships that we build with you and your organisation or business.

We take the role as your bookkeeper and BAS agent as a privilege and want to see you succeed and thrive. For us this means that we like to journey with you in not just as an expert in our field but in believing in and supporting you and what your business or organisation stands for.

We love seeing you being compassionate and supportive to those people that you serve in your business or organisation.

One of my fondest memories of seeing this in action was an initial phone call with a CEO and founder of a not-for-profit organisation. As she was sharing why she started this organisation and the tangible difference she was making it, the passion and compassion she had for supporting these people made tears prick my eyes. To this day I still feel this overwhelming sense of purpose with this client and what they stand for and there are plenty more clients and examples we could share of how we are impacted by what our clients do. 

For us we are always asking ourselves how can we be caring for people better and to invest in relationships better.

How important is the care that you have people in your business or organisation to what you do? What one small change can you make today to bring people back into focus?

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